if only a family can eat their breakfast without fear striking them

the rain teamed down

the earth opened.

thru the legs of the mother the seminal fluid of the father poured.

blessings showered and dripped into the forest

and we all filled up at the fountain of love.


I light a candle at the altar for the people of Palestine, for the people of Israel,

for the families

and I know not what to say.

I pray , I feel deeply.

I care,

as I do about earth and tree and turtle,

as I do about you.


I wish this was not so but it is

there is an  insatiable machine of war that slices and dices with human lives

that rearranges the geography of place and leaves behind a chemical DUI poisonous  nightmare to be suffered by generations to come.

if they come

if  in our fury we  don’t end it all now,

if we can not possibly stem the greed, the nationalistic pride, the my god is better than your god   ‘dick’   kind of talking

what will be left seven generations from now?

if only a family can eat their breakfast without fear striking them.


some say the renaissance of love returns to planet earth in 2012

some say we are that love and if we are,

where is it hiding in those with war in their minds  and when will they allow it to emerge, take them over and befriend it ???


the tip of the mullein bends sideways with the weight of water

the puddles hold and the roof water falls into the  tank.

the day is cool and a cardy is needed

a break in the rain comes and the sun attempts to enter but the cloud is holding firm

even so the morning lightens and all things green shine with an ecstasy we would do well to emulate.


there is great thankfulness in my heart,

I eat my breakfast without fear

and when I watch the skies, it is because I am following the flight of the eagle,

and when I hear a loud bang, it is a tree returning to the earth to decompose and enrich life,

and when I drive to town there is no one with guns, no armoured tanks, no soldiers, no hostility.

it is as far as you can get from the streets of war.


the wind gathers strength now and sets the chimes ringing.

I am sitting on the verandah gazing,

literally watching the garden grow,

literally watching life explode  into being as it is meant to do,

if only we human can get out of the way

if only we human could take up the offer to be  co- creator instead of  bully

then the world  could be a better place for all.

the faerie embassy welcomes your thoughts ideas comments..

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