Rest Ice Compression Elevate


my main mode of transport at the moment is hobbling

sometimes with crutches and other times using the limping method

either gets me from one end of the house to the other and both are equally restrictive.


each day the pain factor lessens , the swelling reduces and the colouring of the foot changes the ouch palette of things wronged beneath the surface.

it had started as an OK  day, a meeting at Chalk and Cheese to discuss our workshop program

and then a skip across the street for a good-sized bag of dried fruits, nuts and grains from Sweet Home.

me and the little king clutching a black dolly and his lime green handbag full of cars , a tractor and a ride on mower and his Mum.

he is often quiet when we are out, looking away when people address him

nobly ignoring their advances.

they think oh, how shy , isn’t he cute  ?  and then as soon as we hit home base he is a terror byte running around loudly demonstrating and arranging our world ; he is currently into testing his power by bossing us,

and it works , at least with me.

with finger-pointing he tells me in the kitchen today to  STOP and again the finger .. STOP and again the finger .. STOP … and gesturing at the chair says  sit,

and I do because he screams when thwarted and who wants that aggravation?


after Sweet Home we went in different directions me   back to Chalk and Cheese to have a cuppa with Rosemary while Jess and Kingston went to visit Shelley.

it was on leaving the cafe that calamity struck me and I still cannot say for sure how it happened except that as I walked down the steps my left ankle did a twist and a roll and I went down to the pavement where I sat moaning and groaning .

Rosemary was a little way up the street hugging Ken and they came back wondering  what I was doing?

beside me at a table was an ambulance officer waiting for his take away coffee on route back to Bermagui base,

he stood over me in his blue uniform and dark shades telling me to take it easy and not move,

not a problem I thought  movement seemed to live in another universe.

before two minutes was up I was surrounded by coaches.

Rosemary said  it ‘s ok to make noise which was good because silence was not an option.

Ken asked would I like to go to his place for some frozen peas?

I must admit I was hungry but I declined.

Diresha  (a nurse) arrived to meet Ken and offered – probably a sprain but   if the pain persists  see a doctor and get an x-ray,

not bloody likely I thought.

Elizabeth the community nurse on her lunch break explained the treatment for sprains was  RICE   -Rest   Ice   Compression   Elevate   –  and  offered a crepe bandage from her kit bag.

ice ,what a joke I thought when we don’t have the fridge on.

At some stage the whimpers ceased and they moved me into a chair.

the coaches wandered off about their busy ness and I thanked them all for their support. I waited for Jess  with my ankle  compressed covered in  a teatowel of ice  and elevated on a chair.

If nothing they were all very diligent.

The chef brought me water , the barista the teatowel of ice and then all I had to do was explain to everyone passing what had happened and how I was.

I found arnica and started taking it.

it was all good and it hurt like hell

though what my experience of hell is I’m not sure.


I must say I am challenged to be so restricted and have had to endure a few tellings off by people that have my best interests at heart and seem to think they know best how my foot feels and what will make it better but I am not naming names and no amount of arm twisting will get me to divulge.

on the way home Jess raced into the IGA and came out with a packet of  frozen peas ( couldn’t get away from them) and home we went where Greg and John insisted on carrying me into the house .

eventually the peas defrosted and we moved onto  finely grated comfrey root  which is the el supremo healer of  all things sprained broken and damaged.

I have been hanging around ever since reading resting elevating  and watching a vampire  series.


I know Elsie will be so proud of me that at last I have succumbed to a vamp show and lets face it she  supplied us with this one.

frankly I find myself  morbidly fascinated by it even though it is probably quite dreadful.

consider it research , to understand  this attraction seemingly normal young women have with this new genre of erotic bloodsucking.

is it a myth or a dark desire of humanity to extend fangs and suck each others blood.

I will watch a few more episodes and get back to you on that one .

Once it was the era of  the cowboy hero, now it is the  do gooder vampire  so I suppose in some respects nothing has changed .



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