maybe it is a 2013 thing




trying to get back onto the horse

not that I have ever been a rider

never been my thing.


today Jess Kingston and I called in to see Carole,

we took a pair of thongs  and  an apple turnover bursting with fresh cream that sent her  into a clutching  excitement.

she is pressing  wool at the moment and has promised scraps to John for insulation.

we had to hear about her ‘ road troubles ‘ and how she has fallen out with her neighbours .

you know that Glen, he came down here and told me this was a public highway, but I told him…

get away ,its only a track.

and Naomi wanted those blackberry bushes to go,

no way that is my hedge

and my jam I say.

what is it with people that buy acres way up some rutted track and then demand  a highway to get to it.???

I dont know the answer to that one either . we too have a neighbour that wants  more than a track.

I asked for a couple of bags of sheep manure for the garden

I’ll pay you, I said.

oh you don’t need to do that sandy, just take away a load of rubbish

but but  but  John did a load the other day didn’t he ??

John couldnt stand the sight of her yard any longer and went over, hauling the rubbish   onto the trailer and up into the paddocks where they chucked it  over a fence and  down the hill to a  wash away.

I hope that isn’t going to offend anyones environmental sensitivities.

yep ,but I have mountains more of it she says.

ok  I mutter ,never was going to get out of it lightly.



the marmalade cat came and lay down near us

a beautiful tom and  I remembered those story books I read as a child about Orlando the marmalade cat that had adventures and I bent down and scooped him up into my arms .

It has been a long time since I held a cat to my heart and felt that deep connection

that well of cat trance

that purr of satisfaction and contentment and for a few moments I dived right in.

I stroked and Kingston jigged around patting and yabbering to it.

the ginger puss endured our attention and then  returned to its business.

such a sense of self, such masters of their identity, such dignity.

there is a road issue going on amongst some of our neighbours at the moment

a carry over from last year.

we got called into a meeting on a fork of the track while we were still camping at mystery.

we listened we talked we left them to it.

it isn’t over, not by a long shot but apart from remaining gracefully pleasant I have no interest in the situation or the outcome

and I am a little surprised by this.


maybe it is a 2013 thing

maybe now that we have survived the end of the world things look different and we dont have to fuss about any of it anymore.

maybe now, we can relax and surrender,

catch the prevailing wind and sail into our hearts desires.





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