for ceremony.



she sat down in the circle and crossed her legs .

everyone else was already seated with eyes closed.

she matched her breath to the space and deepened into her Self

past the mask and illusions beyond the ego and the day.

the space washed over her in its heavy stillness its complete calm

its tingling vibrational connection to all the other souls in the room

to the spirits that had flocked to the call of ceremony

and to the ancestors at their shoulders .

she was aware of all this and more

of the breeze tickling her neck       the sun touching her shoulder

 the call of birds       clouds passing

and the cheerful tinkle of the creek nearby.

this interconnection of beings brought her home .

the air thickened and  swelled.

the feeling intensified and then the ceremony began.



today it was a healing ceremony for the Earth our Mother.

the gallant lady provider whose womb we emerged from

 whose breasts we suckle

the giver of light and dark.

to her we owe all .



first came the grief       a keening

 surrendering to the pain we carry on behalf of…

giving voice to the forest loosing diversity and integrity

to the rivers loosing wellness

to the land gouged and hacked and poisoned

to the waste dumps and plastic islands in the ocean

to the starving the suffering

the wars and tattered dreams.

the sense of togetherness soothed the jagged edges


the singing of gratitude followed

in absolute gratefulness for  the bounty the shelter the beauty

and the magic.

harmonies resonated thru all dimensions

bounding from mountain to lake

from  rock to river

from village to city.

faces glowed       breath accelerated       ecstasy enlivened every cell.

she opened her eyes to the circle of beings around her.

the ceremony was done.

it was time for a cuppa.

the power of sacred ceremony transforms

transforms the self and the world around.

it is a meeting place of all realms of all beings

a space outside time


a moment in which we can tap into the inherent magic

that animates all things.

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