D for downpour deluge

D for downpour  deluge and the steady drip drip drip of water spilling over the guttering .

it is definitely not drizzling nor is it skiffing sprinkling or spitting

it is pouring – steady and determined.

the great spirit of rain has turned the tap to full and it buckets down.

last weeks rain was so welcomed so needed so lapped up but it was only the prelude the appetizer the starter before the mains.

we are flooded in. the causeway will not allow us thru until it stops.





come for a swim Cheryl had said yesterday – meet us at mystery.

the day wore a thick grey cloak – the temperature was mild.

after stopping for coffee I drove up to mystery bay.

it started drizzling.

Cheryl and Lana turned up  – we looked at the sky

shrugged and left our clothes in the cars to stay dry.

it backed off the moment  we set our feet on the path to the beach of souls.

before feeling my way into the ocean I told them about the shark attack at Tathra that morning.

A woman our age swims no more.



we bobbed round in crystal clear water staying in the shallows .

golden bladderwrack and mermaids pearls  gathered  into hedgerows along the beach by the last tide.

we lay down on the mound of stones , the warm healing stones.

a sea eagle visited  – circled- a tip of the wings  – we tipped our wings back.

a few ravens flew into the scrubby bush on the headland the eyes of Biami the creator .



we drifted gently with the spirits of the Dreamtime

with the grandmothers holding the space

with the circles and cycles and ceremonies

performed over thousands of years.

this is the dreamtime country


an event still unfolding still sung and still danced.



leaving mystery bay I drove home in drizzle which petered out

at  the gate to our forest.

stopping I gathered a box of kindling.

the rain obviously waiting …hovering…

I  lit stanley  our stove then wheelbarrowed a load of wood into the kitchen.

a sprinkle  – time for one more load.

filling  another barrow and  stacking it on the verandah .

it was done.

thank you  I said .thank you. thank you rain.

down it came .

I was in –  dry  -the kettle was heating for a cuppa .

thru the night the rain pelted down heavy on the tin roof.

it is a deluge and is absolutely and totally delicious.

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