G is the gift of giving



I went to Mumbulla School on Sunday

which is our local Steiner school,

a day for the community to gather together and support a beloved child.

it was a ‘lush out day ‘ raising funds for the Stone Family.

for $60 you got three sessions plus lunch and morning tea .

on offer was a wide variety of healing modalities – cranial sacral – acupuncture –

theta healing – reiki – breathwork …….

there was half a dozen different forms of massage and yoga classes

there was pedicures  dance  movement and tarot.

there was food and friends to live for.


Finn Stone age six was in a car with his Mum and sister parked on the side of the road waiting for assistance.

His sister got out of the car and went for a wander.

A concrete truck slammed into them.

the next scene takes place in intensive care with tubes and bags and fluids and Finny is in serious trouble.

His mother Radha sits beside him loving and loving and allowing – knowing that whichever path he takes will be challenging.

One day Finn opens an eye    squeezes a finger and claws his way back into our hearts.

after many months in the city he has returned to his home on Myrtle Mountain .

the body brace is off and he is learning to walk again.

Sunday was the opportunity for friends of Finn and his family  to heal and be healed to love and be loved.




that is me

I am many things wear many badges hold many titles

but hearing the grand bebe sing out grandma is one of the sweetest.

being grandmother is a blessed gift and I am truly grateful.

it is true I duck for cover sometimes

the labour intensity of a small person is huge.

I had forgotten about that

how much one has to give again and again and again

forgotten the hugeness of parenting

of being on call 24/7.

which is why it takes a community to raise a child and

why when Finn needed support there were many hands and hearts available.

the trick thing about giving is that it requires us to master receiving.

the cool thing is that when we gather together this happens naturally

easily and lovingly.

3 thoughts on “G is the gift of giving

  1. It is so true that we need to be able to receive. we give and keep on giving – it is in our nature to do so, but somehow receiving is a little harder.
    Blessed be Finn and may he continue to blossom and heal in the loving embrace of community.


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