h for hummus and hibernation


the little lad has returned to the forest with his parents for a week.

he has 3 and a half years of high octane enthusiasm and rowdy rambunctious play to offer to us.

mostly centred around the Thomas team of toot toots

that accompany him everywhere.

this morning we made hummus together – a ritual we undertake everytime he visits.

Kingston goes deep into the pantry and pulls out the box with the mincer in it

hard work he says struggling a little under the weight.

‘you are very strong’ I tell him.

we assemble the mincer together and screw it onto the bench.

standing on a chair he spoons the already soaked and cooked chick peas into it.

I turn the handle and then he has to eat some – so it goes some for the mincer and some for him.

we add the crushed garlic the spoonfuls of tahini .

he squeezes lemons – tips the juice in – adds a few pinches of salt.

some of the chick pea water and mix mix mix.

fingerfuls find their way into his mouth down his chin over the bench.

‘what do you think ? ‘ he asks me with a tilt of his head.

‘garlicky’ he adds.

‘yes it is good perfect I reckon ‘.

‘mmmmm’ he tries  some more and more and more.

there is no limit to how much hummus he can eat.

Kingston runs into the bedroom to ask his aunty if she wants to take some home with her when she leaves to day.

yes she says but when he comes back he tells me aunty can only have a little bit.

he like to fill the pots and jars but this morning he is too busy eating.

at morning tea time he will take charge and dole out the hommous onto a rice cracker or stick of celery and the amount we get is variable – sometimes you can hardly notice the smear and other times a great pile of it.


this rainy season  which continues today after a few days off has marked the end of summer.

most of the skinks have gone into hiding and the goanna has probably found some lovely hollow in an angophora tree and is snuggling in for the long haul .

so too the python and the red belly black snakes – they have no doubt found some nook or cranny to dream the winter away.

what an amazing thing this hibernation idea.

good night I’ll just switch off now and dream for oh about 6 months- I won’t get hungry or bored .

I certainly won’t need hummus.

what a saving that would be in terms of consumption on the planet

perhaps this could be our evolutionary future.

as John reminded me yesterday bears hibernate too so it isn’t all about cold blooded types.


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