I am here



I am opening flowering seeding nurturing giving receiving

folding into the pose of the child

opening again

unfurling body mind and spirit.

reunited revisited remembered

moving in tandem with the tone of energy

of heart          of consciousness

of all that is.

responding to the weft and the weave of the web

a balancing act

a formless warrior honouring heart


carefully walking the edge

tempered by dancing with wild and unfettered abandon.

I am lost and found

home and away

here and there.


words form like dewdrops

caught in a sunbeam early in the morning

all a quiver shining with breathtaking light

a rainbow flashing.
they fall into a space in front of me

calling attention

intention to them

other times they are vague and indistinct

just passing

words going somewhere else .

some drop through like a magical ball

a  ball of possibilities

with ideas and journeys.

they form a coherency

a reality

a real dream walking

a sound a vibration a path an energy.


I dance  with the mountains and these landscapes

with the stars and the ancestors.

I am here.

sensing a communication

participating  without words

for what words will suffice?

and then  the desire to communicate the mystery

unfurls within like a banner caught in the breeze

and I am called to offer  a story

and hurl it into the light of consciousness

and say,

catch this

remember this

you are also here.






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