going about a few household tasks

gathering a huge bunch of lemon verbena and poking it in a pot at the kitchen door.

Bec rang last night ‘thought I might make a visit’.

‘oh yes please’.

first the train then the bus along the princes highway from Melbourne to Cobargo.

‘I’ll be there at five’ she says and ‘I will bring my beau to meet you.’

excellent which got John into cleaning the downstairs level of the tower room and me picking flowers..

Jess rings – a little boy wants to talk to me

he is full of tears and unable to chat.

I send love down the line and say I will try to visit you soon.

‘gandma will see me soon’ he tells his mum.

oh dear – one forgets of the immediacy of a small persons world.

I picked up old egg cartons and left them at the carport ( don’t tell John he hates how we fill up his shed) and my feet kept on walking.


oh well I guess I will go along.

past the boatyard    along the track

under the vine wrapped forest trees

my head down

like some taurean bull I thought.

past the old truck quietly rusting since the 1940’s

managing to lift my head up past the shoulder aches

and watch the wind dancing the tree tops the sky autumn blue and a few snowy white clouds ambling about.

I love you- blessing tree and earth and sun-

feet keep walking.

I hear a heavy thump off to the left and spot some grey kangaroos bounding deeper into the bush.

they were big fellas – we have noticed that the mob is growing – after all those years being shot at by our next door cowboy farmers -finally they are in recovery.

amazing what a difference a change of neighbour can make to a species.

their posture is so upright so magnificent such perfectly muscled strength.

I stand up straight moving myself into alignment.

‘you don’t need to fear me’ I tell them

‘why , I should be scared of you’

but I’m not.

they are gentle creatures and love to lie in the sun – to scratch

eat bush grasses and play.

my feet resume walking they know where to go and I follow –

what choice do I have?

down the track to the lily shack

and into the bush of last years wood site.

I stop for a piddle and a currawong flies into a wattle near me

all black and white stealth.

well hello.

no mistake it had me in its sights

giving me the once over.

judgement lies often in the eyes of birds

the heart and the weight of a feather and all that.

it took up residence a bit further away in a wild cherry tree.

silently in twos and threes more flew in and watched and gathered in  the small cherry

its branches dipping and swaying.

I wanted to say – hey you guys are too big for that tree

but no one tells the currawong off.

a dozen and still they entered the space quietly

maybe a couple of dozen by now and then as before in twos and threes they fly north some 40 metres towards the lily dam stopping again in a wild cherry.

the ways of spirit are mysterious

but I am in no doubt that they called me here.

I wandered over to check out a huge fallen tree still alive. its roots now sticking up in the air at the base of another huge tree.

I realised that one had given way to the other .

Oh bless you I said and bowed my head.

leaving the house I had carried a state with me

it was gone now.

something settled within me.

the question could be what

but that would imply that the conscious mind needs to know.

instead I thanked my spirit that guided my feet

directing me to the humble goings on within the forest.

bringing me out of and into my self…

once again.

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