many years back  I did a bit of study of traditional chinese medicine with my then next door neighbour who by most reports was an exceptional practitioner with an open door and no payment required  policy. He was  also a shaman a master of kendo and seducer and stealer of womens energy.

I found him to be a great teacher with dubious personality traits.

one day the teaching of the Shen cycle

we might use the word spirit.

it is a creative cycle and gives rise to  all thoughts.

Po is true heart – an empty space.

Hun resides in the liver –  emotion.

Hun Po must balance but sadly in most humans it doesn’t.

heart is the void –  actuality chases out infinite possibility he told us.

there are four organs in  the fire element and this  divides into two fires.

the triple heater and the pericardium are the ministerial fire –

this is love warmth relationships – keeping all life going and indeed life can only exist because of this.

the small intestine and the heart is the imperial fire – a quality that seldom occurs.

the heart has the possibility of creating something out of nothing –  a spark – that which has never existed before – that which distinguishes us as humans.

true Shen Po can produce spark but if the heart is clouded by Hun (emotions) then Po is starved.

this is how you recognise Po….

there is a certain kind of behaviour that can occur in Po that can change the world and

as soon as an infinite possibility is grounded

the world hears and changes and

once said it has always been so.


I leave you with a poem of Po


the Possibility exists that

one can make a difference in an impossible world.

may you realise that

you are indeed a grand plan of divine intervention.

may you continue to safeguard the small the innocent and the vulnerable.

may you realise that you are that which you are seeking.

may the spirit of Po guide you.


4 thoughts on “Po

  1. Thank you Sandra … Po’s poem on Possibility is hopeful. Somehow this reminds me of Pi – The Life of .. that in spite of all difficulties ‘..as soon as an infinite possibility is grounded the world hears and changes and once said it has always been so.’ Beautiful and poignant words.
    Garden of Eden Blog


  2. My daughter in law is Chinese. She has described some of the herbs that Chinese use for their health. Some are quite strange, but good in broth, as in the Chinese ‘hot pot’. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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