there is a time and place for NO and then there is another story to this word.

one of the learnings that came to me that calls to me is the shift in perception from NO to something else

note I do not say yes

I am not talking opposites

rather I am referring to a change of perceptual space

a change of focus and use of energy

how often do I want to say

no ! no way!! not happening!!! not in my name!!!!

offhand I can think of a dozen scenarios and I don’t wish to bore you  but  to frame a few :

the continuing incarceration of asylum seekers

the slaughter of our forests

the poisoning of  creeks  rivers oceans  drinking water

the making of weapons

making toxic toys


actually my list is probably quite long and this could be seen in a healthy light or as a sickness.

take your pick.

instead of spirit  crying  NO

I shift I swivel I twirl I turn ever so slightly obliquely subtly but determinedly

and embrace opening my heart and home  to asylum seekers

living in and caring for a forest


developing a relationship with earth and spirit based on respect

practicing gratitude for everything

the air I breathe  the sun moon and rain.

catch the rainwater in a tank

grow flowers put them in vases make a beautiful meal and eat with loving people

make herbal tinctures and ointments – weapons of another kind if you will

I loan the wee man my hammer and he bangs the nails back into the verandah as well as nailing any errant bits of wood to posts etc.

he takes his wheelbarrow gathers the wood  races it back to the kitchen and chucks it beside the stove.

still with me?

it is like a  side step

a movement in

an energetic  shift

or to quote charles

make a beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

and then there are the days when only NO will do…






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