rebel yells

with a rebel yell the little king launches himself at the six foot monster

a boot aims and a well fashioned  fist lashes out at any presenting soft flesh.

a grunt a yow and the monster collapses to the floor covering its head and rolling about wounded and yelping.

buoyed with success eyes a sparkle the little king grins and  plans another assault.

a long arm snakes out and jabs slaps hits picking him up and turning him upside down.

put me down put me down bashing and pummelling wherever he can reach.

what what what feigns the monster stumbling in confusion.

back on their feet they dance around

push shove screech prod squeeze pinch shriek

until one or other calls quits.

in the background the women sing out

steady on buster don’t hurt granddad.


the little king knows he is safe,  knows he is held within the space of a loving adult

 safe to explore the huge embodied energy coursing thru his veins

 safe to test boundaries

 to learn about strength and power

to learn about gentleness and drama.



as babies they were introduced to biggling

that lovely soft squealing tumbling rolling about play much like kittens or puppies

the play that generats a field of delight.

then it morphed into rumbling and wrestling tumbling and flipping over and around on futon or couch until one cried for mercy

or cushions thrown and slammed with accuracy broadsiding giggles and shrieks

or tea towels whippings around sinks and dishes.


and then the game was over as they grew beyond it

and we paused until the next generation appeared

and now the rebel yells fill the house again.


5 thoughts on “rebel yells

  1. Visiting during the #Challenge. As a gardener, I am entranced with fairy gardens and all the wonderful things that have grown up around this hobby, with or without children. Your story would please all of them. If you have a minute, come and see what I’m up to. I’ll be watching for you.


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