and YET


the yellow sun is shining 

and my friend cheryl has arrived for a visit .

weeks of rain has given way for a bolt of blue

and we are soaking it up.


the Y of it today 

is that I have booked tickets for the opera

La Traviata.

a few years ago I heard cheryl mention that she really wanted to have ‘a go of an opera’ and as her  60th approached  I decided  to make this wish come true.

so today I get to be a faerie bestowing wishes

not bad for a wednesday.

but really mostly we are sitting around talking about our friend  Carole our sheep farmer eccentric extraordinaire

and what to do????

she fell in a hole while chasing errant sheep which  took her an hour to get herself out of and then she crawled home.

over a week later she is still not walking

so this is what she does. 

she has a plastic bucket in front of her on which she places her hands  moves it a step then shuffles her feet forward. 

try it – it isn’t easy or one might say even sustainable but in the country eccentric way of things quite a brilliant answer to getting about.

the thing with carole is that she is so used to living on her own terms doing her  thing that change is absolutely impossible for her  to contemplate. 

we rally around with soup and make sure she has water because she cannot walk the paddock to the shed where she has buckets that collect rainwater.

the whole farming situation blows our minds – and YET we honour that she has the right to live on her own terms 

just that currently it is difficult to know how to proceed when our options as governed by her steadfast stance are so limited



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