womb wise


The womb ;

container of life

and all the mysteries

receives communication direct from the source.

The womb is the dreamer

the basket that sustains life.

it is sustainability

it is permaculture .



The womb is sterile and empty

full and complete.

The womb knows all that was

and all that can be.

the womb  communicates deep knowing.



The womb does not analyse or dissect,

disseminate prevaricate or arbitrate.


in a world of rationality and logic

a world of the dogma of academia and titles

the womb has been given no place.

it is not considered, honoured or heard,

it is relegated to a functional part of the female anatomy

and one that we can certainly do without they say.


the womb is solely for procreation

its menses controlled , its ova owned

and is removed when it reaches its use by date.

it is associated with irrationality, hysteria ,madness and disease

a problem identified by the monthly flow

a place of inept engineering

and the incubator in the laboratory is taking over.


and yet,

this place of power, this source of creation

cannot be lived without,

cannot be exchanged

and will not be silent.


The womb will be heard,

hears all

and grows weary of the endless march through boy’s town.

Some female carriers march the corridors of waste and stupidity

in an attempt to communicate and change the world.

Study hard at the boys institutions

get a title after your name they were told

learn the male language of analysis logic and no heart

then and only then  you may sit in the offices of corruption

and talk the talk while your heels do the walk.


The womb is over this play

and slicing  thru the fog of slavery

it  reclaims the wombmindheartspirit.

It calls  time to sing and dance the tapestry of knowing

emanating enfolding and embracing all.

this can be felt but cannot be languaged.


Some of the  boys grow up and become men

take off their strait jacket strangled tie of compliance

their shoes and socks

and leave the corridors of hypocrisy.

They return unto themselves

locate their children the mother the tribe the planet the cosmos

and give thanks,

for  finally they hear the song of creation

that is quietly but sturdily sung thru out all of life.


The womb wise song weaves a web of deep love and connection

dancing the feminine and masculine

as two divine complementary energies

sharing their wisdom

to uphold the sanctity of life on earth

for the benefit of all beings.

the faerie embassy welcomes your thoughts ideas comments..

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