what exactly have we gained from this market takeover of planet earth?

days tick on

summer days full of heat and brooding skies.

rain a distant sense of something that once fell and may again …..

the forest settles into its summerself with baby wallabies big enough to leave mum hanging about the house nibbling and scooting off quick when we appear,

older ones lazily stop mid chew and watch us

all a bit ho hum really.

the swallows after two nestings have all flown leaving the verandah scatter shot like a jackson pollock in black and white.

the white browed scrubwren that nested in the narnia lantern at the  back door which it crammed full of leaves and bark has gone and because we were away there were no sightings to be had.

red belly black snakes warmed up are on the go and hunt frogs around the  tank and garden.

at night christmas beetles fly into the bedroom – drawn by the light their noisy vibration and clunky flight deposits them in my lap,

I pick them up beautiful in their burnished bronze pink and green bodies and return them to the outdoors.

there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest that these scarabs are in decline – everywhere are signs serving to dish up unpalatable truths.


a chorus of cicadas sounded the other day and then they stopped not to be heard again – still we do not know why some summers they emerge in great numbers and other years they are a minor note in the forest orchestra.

I do remember summers past when their call has been so loud so all-consuming that all other birdsong is drowned out and the reverberation of their call has rattled around inside my head – uncomfortably so.

that they can tell us things about seasons and changes is obvious but what…

turtles are basking on logs exposed by the drop in dam levels – big ones small ones – once they scarpered back into the water when we passed by – these days they lie still in the heated landscape.

tho the summer is drier then previous years all is well at the faerie embassy.

the little king and his family have left the forest for a more surburban existence – an inside toilet a laundry even – electricity  flyscreens and tap water so filled with chemical additives that drinking it is a toxic hazard.

lets face it not all is rosy under the civilised progressive march of capitalism.

one might ask what has worked?

what has served us ?

what exactly have we gained from this market takeover of planet earth?

we are in debt – deep deep debt with our water our air our soil AND our humanity .

tell me we are not dishonoured  when we lock refugees up on islands and throw away the key,

tell me we are not compromised when we fluoridate our water supply and consume crazy like in a world where plastic bags make islands and infiltrate the bodies of fishes.

there is the physical and then there is the meta physical.

everytime we deal less than with each other, with forest and river and kangaroo and fish, we diminish our selves, our spirit, our heart – the heart of who we are or who we could be .

for every building built every town created every sewerage system made every car computer mobile manufactured there is a cost and that cost is bearing down upon us zooming so quickly into our senses that our  attempts to zone off or out are failing.

the horror , the real truth of our relationship with planet earth can no longer be ignored.


this is 2017 and the proverbial is hitting the fan and  flinging it around so that we are all spattered with it.

my moon calendar says be kind

my heart says be still

my spirit says be creative

and my mind says stay open.

what to do?

take a walk on the wild side

move stealthily over the rocks

listen to the roar of the waterfall

feel the spray tap tap against your cheeks.

some wild still exists and where it does

drink deeply and gratefully

dream its existence again and again into every cell of your body

and give thanks

and again I say

give thanks.



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