Y : yearning


look around

life is humming

it thrums

it buzzes

it moans whistles and roars

it cackles shrieks whispers and dances.


the goanna climbs thirty metres up the angophora and disappears into a hollow.

how does it fit and can it even turn around in there I wonder?

soon it will be dreaming the dream of hibernation until one warm spring day it will emerge and descend headfirst back to the ground.

the baby wallaby jumps out of its mothers pouch, skips and scampers about and then head first dives back in. the pouch becomes a squirming wriggling bundle, an arm and tiny face peeps out then all goes still and mum and bub bounce off to sit in the shade of the bush cherry tree.

this tree that delights us with its yummy fruit is symbiotic in nature attaching its root system to that of a nearby gum.

the platypus disappears into a burrow in the bank while the river winds its way thru gullies and valleys and plains, turns to salt water and meets the ocean.


there they all go



and complete unto themSelves.


this is where I know jealousy.

this is where I feel  envy for all the Beings that are totally immersed in their lived experience of life.


the echidna, little legs plodding nose snuffling into the ground for ants

is totally at home within itSelf,

knowing its place its journey,

without books or masters or kitchens

without the internet or a water tank

or a chair or a crochet project.


from the moment they come into Being

the cloud the spider the kangaroo the horse in the paddock

the blue wren on the verandah all act according to who they are.


I find mySelf Yearning,

Yearning deeply not just for me but for all my fellow humans,

that if only we could be as assured, as whole, as tuned in as these Beings are.

if only we could know the grace of existence as they do.




here is one of the  wee fellas , old enough to be out of the pouch exploring on its own but will still hang around with its mother, loves this verandah as you can see from the scats – mmm those grape leaves are so delicious.



9 thoughts on “Y : yearning

  1. I love your Y Sandra … I too have that yearning to just be fully alive in my everyday experience of the world, like the spider, or the goanna, purposeful and complete in themselves. Like the flower, the bee, the cat, the dog – and sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. And for each and every human to have that taste of their innate function and purpose …


    1. …as you can imagine I derive great enjoyment from this little fella and all his relations but more importantly I feel like I am learning – about myself and about life. … thank you deborah for your sweet words – it is good to know that what I am experiencing here I am able to translate and share with others.

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    1. I suspect that yearning is part of the human condition unless like the dalai lama and other noble sages we have accepted and moved deeper into the embodied presence of the all that is.


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