Z : zen musing


dear friends ,

I know I repeat myself. I know I keep on telling the same stories over and over again, about forest and earth and spirit and beetle.

I have noted that it is a device used in other cultures and imagine that maybe repetition is one of the keys to our ongoing survival growth and learning.

and so once again


on any given day a turtle plods past the house

a black swamp wallaby drinks from the water pot outside the kitchen window,

a superb blue wren picks at crumbs shaken out from the breadboard onto the verandah

a skink wanders along the kitchen bench

a whipbird ducks thru the shrubberies

a black snake flattens out along the woodpile warming up.


***   the forest is magic;

it is biodiversity And,

it is poetry rhythm song and dance  ***


as a forest dweller I love it,

and yet because of my presence here  adaptations are taking place all the time. I am witness to evolution in the making. foods not previously known or eaten are now available and the black swamp wallaby and the brush tail possum like to take up all offers.

year after year our earnest human ideals have been tasted and added to the palate of bird possum wallaby, even the skinks love hommus.

we the usurpers have retired our ideals and watch in unfeigned delight at the bowerbirds, cuckoo doves, lewins honeyeaters, currawongs and silvereyes hoofing into the figs.


the question for me is –

how can I reduce my footprint to leave a world of beauty for the grandchildren and their grandchildren?


I have to take responsibility for all that is going on

all that I like and all that I despair of.

all this is within me.

we the humans are co- creating – changing the blueprint making our mark.

so on the one hand we are capable of biocide and on the other, acts of great kindness and generosity.


every year the whales swim along our coast, sometimes shepherding their babies in close so we can see them easily from the cliff tops. I think of the sounds they make and the songs they sing and the stories they hold and wonder why we do not know and honour their language their passion their lore.

I know next to nothing of the languages/stories within this forest, of what the kurrajong or the echidna is saying or where the turtle has come from and who its relatives are, or how old it is, or what it dreams of when it lies on the log beside the dam.

all this I do not know which is why I cherish living within this space – this place of worms and bacteria and fungi, of death and decay, of bud and bloom.


and that question leads me to another,

I wonder that if we are willing to plant the seeds of tomorrow

the seeds of cucumber and kindness,

of tomato and compassion,

of beans and generosity

will this make a difference ?


and then I pray

that it can

and that it will.


I do not know if there are answers

but I am thinking that

while the bee still sups from the flower

and the platypus still plays in the river

and while Mother Earth is the only embodied home we know


for the sake of all that we hold dear – whale tree dingo bat sugarglider dolphin eagle  river child wattle fern wombat …….


let us sow the seeds of tomorrow

honour respect kindness laughter generosity compassion grace…….


yours faithfully,

sandra taylor

daughter of the earth and the sun



 P.S.  have you noticed that there is no mention of zen- what am I on about ? not even a vague attempt to bring it into the picture . I found that as far as zen goes there is nothing to say . there is only the lived and felt experience which may be zen or maybe not . who am I say? 

P.P.S. my thanks to the a to z challenge for inspiring me to write every day , to share this love I hold, this prayer I sing.  I honour all those who have travelled with me and I thank you dear companions for your support and your stories in return.


angophora cathedral





12 thoughts on “Z : zen musing

    1. thank you heather, it was a risk to not weave zen into the story but I did hope that the experience and feeling would shine thru , grateful to hear that worked for you. and always happy to share this forest eartheart space …


  1. Thank you Sandra for your always poetic and heartfelt posts, each of which has a zen like quality about it. I always felt an enlargement of my heart – I’ll be going back to the beginning of your posts as this comes to an end as I missed out the first several. A good question to ask ourselves – what footprint will we leave behind – and to pray that it will, whatever it is that we consider of value. I also think that your posts would make a beautiful book. Happy May Day – happy every day 🙂


    1. thank you susan – I feel very honoured by your words and support and ditto – I have more posts of lilith to read digest and comment on. yes a book -it hovers and calls and whispers and ….one day I will take the plunge and do something about it ..
      happy every day to you dear susan

      Liked by 1 person

    1. oh deborah that is so sweet – thank you very much . I am honoured that these eartheart stories are out there travelling into other worlds weaving and webbing melding and moving hearts and minds. blessings…


  2. How differently we live from one another. Me, the city gal and you, the lady of the forest. On different sides of the planet but through this magical world called the internet, how fun that we can all connect. Thanks for taking us into your world! Denise


    1. fantastic isn’t it? I have so enjoyed trawling along with you in your cityscape – it being such an iconic place in my life thru movies and literature and tales from friends who have visited. so gracias to you too.


  3. It has been a pleasure to read your posts and to have conversations with you, Sandra. Your sensibilities are fascinating to me. I so admire the way you live and the way you think. Probably above all, I admire that feeling and sensing have just as much value in your life as thinking. I intend to continue following you and hope that we’re not at the end of our chats. Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dear karen thank you once again for your considered comments and so glad that this world I live in has resonated with you. I have so valued you and your insights and intend to stay in touch…


  4. We made it to the end Sandra! I really enjoyed meeting you and sharing some of the beauty of your life – but I’m also glad to reach the end of the daily posting and commenting. I just have my wrap up post next Monday and I’m planning an e-book (learning something new) and then I’m done for the year!

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    Z for Zero in on your target


    1. indeed the end of this and the beginning of something else – an ebook is also something I have considered but not found the time for Yet. this has been a rich experience for me and part of that has been meeting you and other beautiful souls… thank you leanne and all the best with your new project…


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